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The Waste Management (Batteries & Accumulators) Regulations (S.I. No 268 of 2008) came into effect in 2008 and transpose in full EU Directive 2006/66/EC on waste batteries. The main objectives of this legislation are to create a closed-loop system for all batteries to avoid their incineration or disposal in a landfill and also to establish minimum rules for the proper functioning of the national collection and recycling schemes.

If you place batteries or accumulators on the market for the first time in Ireland (including batteries/accumulators incorporated into appliances or vehicles) under the Batteries and Accumulators regulations you are considered a producer and must comply with the following producer obligations:

  1. You must register with your relevant Local Authority by the 31st August 2008 and subsequently re-register by the 31st January every year.
  2. You must record and report to your local authority the quantities, weight, number of units and categories of each battery placed onto the market.
  3. You must submit a Waste Management Plan every three years to the EPA.
  4. You must finance the collection, storage, treatment and recycling of all waste batteries and accumulators in an environmentally sound manner.
  5. Clearly display signage on your batteries (Wheelie bin and chemical symbols)
  6. If batteries are incorporated into electrical and electronic equipment, you are responsible for any further treatment after those batteries are removed from the collected WEEE.
  7. Batteries that are incorporated in EEE must have the means of being easily removed for recycling.

If you provide batteries or accumulators on a professional basis to the end-user and are not placing them on the market in Ireland for the first time you are defined as a distributor of batteries and must comply with the following obligations:

  1. You must only supply batteries from registered producers on the market in Ireland.
  2. You must provide for the free take back of all batteries (portable / industrial / automotive) of the type or the brand supplied by you, at no cost to members of the public and no purchase necessary (Producers are required to supply collection bins to retail outlets).
  3. If necessary you may have to provide adequate storage for batteries prior to take-back by the producer.
  4. Appropriate signage as outlined in the regulations should be located at the sales point and display area of batteries and accumulators.

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