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Benchmarking is a cost-effective way to assess competitive position with respect to sustainability and GHG performance, and to identify performance gaps, risks and opportunities.

The Delphi Group has conducted extensive benchmarking in the areas of corporate sustainability and carbon management, analyzing over 100 companies across many sectors. As a result, we have thousands of data and information points that help us identify trends, best practices, and business opportunities, as well as provide comparable performance data.

Delphi offers numerous competitive analysis services, including:
  • TSX 60 Environment/Social/Governance performance benchmarking and analysis, contained in the Clean Capitalism Report (co-authored with Corporate Knights).
  • Off-the-shelf sector specific results available with or without matching analysis and trending information.
  • Customized competitive analysis, tailored to the priority issues of interest to an organization.
  • Confidential benchmarking for a group of clients or industry association. Confidential benchmarking allows a group of companies to develop better sustainability and/or environmental metrics and indicators, while preserving the confidentiality of their data and practices.
  • Sector-wide benchmarking, based on publicly-available information, our internal database and third-party data. Delphi has some of the best research data analysts in the field, and our proprietary benchmarking methodology allows us to focus on the right data. We successfully identify gaps and opportunities for innovation.
  • ES3 – Energy Sector Sustainability Study, Delphi created the ES3 in 2010 and runs it every two years. The ES3 has emerged as the preeminent benchmark for sustainability performance in both the Oil and Gas and Utility sector.  It looks at over 60 companies and 75 indicators across 7 issue categories. Clients get a personalized confidential report showing where they lead and lag, plus a review of broad industry trends. Dozens of energy sector companies rely on the bi-annual ES3 to provide the competitive intelligence they need to lead on sustainability.

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