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Bespoke Bird Deterrents Services


Continuous liaising with Architects Quantity Surveyors Project Managers and Site Management throughout the duration of the project ensures a successful outcome. Eco specialise in works within the Construction Sector and as a result have huge experience in designing bespoke bird deterrent systems for your premises or new construction and refurbishment projects.


Our team of highly skilled and experienced surveyors will interpret both standard architectural drawings and CAD information to establish the potential areas of the design and construction most at risk from nesting and perching birds. This information will then allow our team to provide a bespoke bird deterrent design to complement the building elements and architecture to result in an extensive, effective and workable bird control system to satisfy both the client and above all be discrete in nature.

Eco Environmental are also able to write your specific N16 Bird and Vermin Control Scope of Works to ensure your client gets the correctly specified system using the most appropriate components to ensure a cost effective and lon g lasting deterrent system unique to that building.

Leading on from this N16 Standard specification preparation, our surveyors can also offer consultancy advice early on within the design stage to 'design out' potential problem areas where serious bird problems would be likely to occur once the building was completed. Again, providing a cost effective solution in the long term for sound bird management and bird control.

Furthermore, we also provide not only specification writing to ensure all contractors' price a suitable deterrent system but are able to assist in preparing a full Bill of Quantities so the client receives accurate budget costs for this work at design stage but also has a measure as to the competitiveness of tenders received within this element of work as the project moves along.

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