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Pescares Italia Srl

Bidding Support Services

The European Community finances an increasing variety of programmes providing financial support to projects in research, regional and local development, environmental management, cooperation, natural resources conservation and sustainable development.

Obtaining access to these financial resources requires the preparation of adeguate project proposals which require specific skills and a considerable investment of time and human resources.

Pescares bridges the existent gap between demand and offer of funds caused by :

  • the lack of an adeguate information network on where, when, how and who to ask for funds;
  • the lack of sufficient expertise to satisfy the selection criteria set up by the funding body;
  • finally, the lack of time and manpower within qualified institutions (research centres, universities, local administrations and consultancies) for the preparation of adequate proposals.

If you want to have access to these financial resources and do not know what to do or if you are an expert but too busy to make that tight deadline, you might benefit of Pescares services.

Pescares Italia Srl offers a series of services aimed at providing information and technical support for the preparation of proposals for environmental projects.

  • Support in the research and identification of funding opportunities in areas of interest specified by the client.
  • Support in the identification of specialists and/or companies offering complementary expertise for the creation of competitive partnerships.
  • Technical and linguistic support for the preparation of technical and financial proposals.

Who can benefit of one or more of these services ?

  • Universities
  • Research Centres
  • Administrations at different levels
  • Environmental consultancies
  • Small-Medium Enterprises

The services are particularly indicated for the preparation of proposals which require the collaboration of partners from different EU member states or third countries.

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