Bioazul, S.L.

Bioazul, S.L.

Bioazul Eco-Efficient Wastewater Treatment Additives


Eco-innovative additives for municipal and industrial biological wastewater treatment plants.

  • LODOredefficient reduction and control of surplus sludge in biological wastewater treatment plants
    • Reduction of surplus sludge production by 30%
    • Sustainable reduction of sludge management costs
    • Successfully applied in more than 40 wastewater treatmentplants in Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Sweden, Germany and Hungary
  • NANOredefficient improvement of Sludge Volumetric Index (SVI) and surplus sludge reduction
    • Improves significally sedimentaron performance in wastewater treatment plants with high hydraulic loads and insufficient retention time in the clarifier

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