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Biochemical Methane Potential Testing Services (BMP)



Aqua Enviro utilise two main techniques for assessing feedstocks for anaerobic digestion (AD) with these being the Bio-chemical Methane Potential (BMP) test and laboratory trials using bench-scale AD reactors. The BMP test is usually the first stage of assessment and comprises of a batch test whereby a known quantity of feedstock is added to a seed digestate from a suitable AD process and the cumulative methane production is recorded over a 14 day test period. 1kg or 1L of feedstock is required for the testing.

A report of results will be produced which will show:-

  • BMP value of the feedstock L.CH4/kg.VS applied or L.CH4 per kg of COD applied
  • Cumulative methane production over time
  • Amenability of the feedstock for anaerobic digestion
  • Indicate whether the feedstock possesses any inhibitory properties towards gas production

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