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Biological assessments utilize information from biological communities, along with measures of physical and habitat characteristics, to provide data for water quality management purposes, including the identification of contaminant sources, causes and severity of impairments, evaluation of the effectiveness of control measures and restoration activities, use attainability studies, and trend monitoring. Based on the expertise of the PER management team and highly trained field scientists, Pacific EcoRisk has performed biological assessment studies in support of NPDES permit requirements, Superfund studies, watershed surveys, and pesticide application surveys using a suite of sampling methods developed for creeks, rivers, agricultural drainages, lakes, and estuaries.

Pacific EcoRisk provides cradle-to-grave project management of biological assessment studies, including but not limited to the following services:

  • Study Design
  • Preparation of Sampling Plans
  • Sample Collection Protocol:
    • California “Rapid Bioassessment”
    • Multi-habitat sampling
    • USGS snag sampling
  • Site Surveys
  • Field collection of plants, invertebrates, and fish
  • Client representation
  • Taxonomic identification of organisms

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