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Blade Life Support: Inspection, Maintenance, Repair



Blades are designed for a twenty year life and manufactured with little automation: effectively they are hand made. During service, inspections are fraught with challenges coupled with a lack of understanding of what is being observed. Without understanding it is not possible to state whether a defect will compromise the blade's longevity


Does this mean all blades are doomed to fail? Probably not, but it places emphasis on life-long care using an experienced service provider to ensure they do not have to be replaced prematurely

  • Fixed price blade inspection and service
  • Technical investigation
  • Adhesive bond failure, lightning damage
  • Structural cracks, noise, surface coating failure
  • Solution development and implementation
  • Replacement component / solution manufacture
  • Retrofit project management
  • Optimisation services

Our main aim is to mitigate defects as efficiently as possible through regular inspections combined with preventative maintenance. Where damage has occurred we have the experience to develop the solutions and Task Instructions as well as undertake the physical implementation of the solution

  • Access methods: Rope access, Suspended platform, Crane
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Major and minor repairs
  • Serial defect management

We deliver the experience and solutions required to minimise down-time and maintain your Blades in optimum condition throughout their operational life. Our services are all encompassing, providing life long care for your wind turbine blades

  • Product assurance
  • Production process assessment
  • Pre-despatch and pre-installation inspection
  • Warranty and post-warranty support
  • Blade Health Check
  • External and Internal Inspections
  • Reporting with Defect assessment

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