Boiler and Cooling Water Treatment



Right cooling water treatment ensures efficient process performance. Each water system is different and requires products that are customized depending on the make-up water quality, system metallurgy and process parameters. With our process knowledge and state-of-the-art formulated KemGuard® products you can eliminate the use of unnecessary additional chemicals and protect equipment from scaling and corrosion. We help you troubleshoot to find improvement areas in your system and then develop the most suitable program to fit your specific needs.

Kemira cooling water program is a combination of application know-how and high performance products. It enables you to manage the whole cooling cycle in the best way for:

  • optimized total cost of process
  • more stable and reliable process
  • longer equipment lifetime
  • lower energy and water consumption
  • less maintenance required

Kemira offers application know-how, trouble-shooting capabilities as well as modeling tools in your region. This includes laboratory facilities for water and deposits analysis to support the optimal performance of your cooling water system.

Key features & benefits

  • Improved heat transfer and lower energy consumption for pumping
  • Savings and less time lost for plant maintenance

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