Bridge and Engineering Constructions


Design and assessment of bridges and engineering structures, Bridges of materials - concrete, steel, wood, combined, Structural assessment of bridges, Road bridges, footbridges, The design of new structures, Reconstruction of existing structures, The proposal drainage bridges.

Complete engineering services for investors

  • Complex engineering of transport structures from an investor's intention to removal of warranty defects
  • Technical studies, assessment of individual variants of the transport solution
  • Multi-criteria analyses, including assessment of impacts on the environment
  • Feasibility studies, SWOT analyses, economic studies, financial plans
  • Documentation for territorial procedures
  • Acquisition of the planning decision and the building permit
  • Documentation for the building permit
  • Realisation documentation
  • Documentation of actual implementation
  • Background materials to search for supplier
  • Organisation of public and private procurement notices, assessment of tenders
  • Assigning work realisation, including ensuring delivery and quality conditions of provided work
  • Author´s supervision
  • Technical supervision of the investor, reception, final approval, monitoring of work and warranty defects
  • Supervision of construction and projects
  • Consultation and expertise activities on investor issues

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