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Visually unappealing, smelly and just a little gross; Brown Grease is the waste left behind in a grease trap that builds up over time. Fortunately for you the restaurant owner or manager, there is Hulsey Environmental, we will make this mess go away. Contact Us Now To Start A Grease Trap Maintenance Program. We will remove the waste materials from your grease trap, jet your lines and bring you into compliance with municipal codes.

Do not let an unmaintained grease trap cause harm to your restaurant. Having your brown grease pumped from your grease trap on a regular basis prevents overflows, back ups, water contamination, and it is required by law. Bio solids that would escape into the environment are contained safely in a properly maintained grease trap.

Hulsey Environmental Services provides excellent grease trap maintenance programs. Hulsey will pump, and clean your grease trap. We will also haul off your brown grease with our fleet of trucks that is specifically designed for hauling brown grease. Once we have transported your brown grease to one of our waste processing facilities, we will start with the recycling and disposing processes off your brown grease.

Brown Grease – Fat, oils, grease, (FOG) and food solids that rot and increase in content within standard grease traps and grease interceptors from restaurants and food service facilities. Brown grease is commonly referred to grease trap waste or grease sludge.

Brown grease is generated by food preparation and collects in grease traps and interceptors until it is removed and taken to grease renders or landfills for disposal. Some consider it to be just a nasty waste stream but potentially it be a valuable energy source.

  • How brown grease can be better managed and potentially used as feedstock for biodiesel
  • Brown grease use as a boost to methane production in wastewater treatment plants.

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