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New England EnviroStrategies, Inc.

Brownfields Redevelopment Services

Businesses, public entities or individuals interested in reusing contaminated sites must balance the cost of sufficient remediation to protect human health and the environment with the aspiration to repurpose the site for its highest use. Many factors affect this decision making process with key inputs to the decisions coming from environmental specialists.

New England EnviroStrategies blends industry acumen, broad environmental and water resources project experience, and advanced geosciences technology to help clients pursue successful Brownfields redevelopment. Our staff members have worked on a variety of sites undergoing redevelopment, including landfills, former industrial, mining and Superfund sites, as well as property affected by underground storage tanks, munitions or urban fill.

We conduct a comprehensive consultation to help you evaluate site hazards, understand environmental liability, and identify stigma and possible permitting issues. Then our team recommends innovative and cost-effective remediation solutions that incorporate site design elements into the remedy, thus saving overall project funds. We also use risk assessment strategies to determine a suitable level of design and remediation effort. Based on planned site reuse, we recognize that less can sometimes be enough.

Service Differentiators

  • Construction - many consultants know how to do environmental investigations, but the New England EnviroStrategies value to your project is our experience in construction, knowing how to interpret your site's environmental conditions in terms of construction costs and potential permitting delays.
  • Redevelopment design - New England EnviroSTrategies' experience is that avoiding an environmental issue through smart design yields the greatest cost savings for redevelopment of a contaminated site. Therefore, our focus is visual presentation of environmental data to architects and engineers so that environment cost avoidance can be built into your design.
  • Balance and reuse - When contamination unavoidably impacts redevelopment plans at a site, we proactively work with the design team to balance site cuts and fills, so that soil can be creatively reused, on site, rather than triggering costly testing and offsite disposal.

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