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Brownfletds Redevelopment


The re-use and redevelopment of abandoned properties is becoming increasingly important. The presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant or contaminant can be properly addressed, managed and the property can be redeveloped for beneficial use. By cleaning up, reinvesting in, and re-developing these properties, we are also preserving and protecting our natural green space and reusing existing infrastructure.

CATLIN can assist property owners with Brownfields Agreement Development and Implementation Assistance including:

  • Conceptual plan development
  • Regulatory coordination and liaison
  • Internal team coordination with attorneys, planners, financial institutions, developers, property owners, surveyors and consultants
  • Historical environmental data gathering, research and documentation
  • Coordination of data compilation in order for the Brownfields Agreement (BFA) to be drafted
  • Development and support during the Brownfields Property Application submittal

CATLIN provides environmental support in accordance with the BFA during construction activities. Brownfields Compliance services include:

  • Health & Safety Plan (HASP) development
  • Waste Management Plan development
  • On-site personnel to document compliance with the BFA during construction activities
  • Sample and analyze media for proper disposal
  • Evaluate disposal options for contaminated media
  • Provide cost-benefit analysis for disposal options
  • Coordinate disposal of contaminated media
  • Prepare update reports required under the BFA
  • Design, coordinate and construct modifications to active remedial systems to accommodate construction activities
  • Develop construction work plans, construction plans and specification

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