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BUCHI know-how available to you. Knowing your instruments, understanding your applications, and our extensive collection of «around-the-world» experiences can become your benefit and therefore a part of your successful future. Our BUCHI ACADEMY solutions are available to you and can be custom fit to your situation. We will help you to train, educate and certify your staff, and more. BUCHI is a solution provider, even if the application you have in mind still requires research or scientific researches, we will share our know-how and expertise. Together with our high-quality products you can count on reliable results and state-of-the-art reports. Benefit from publications on our website: User Training and Certification, Application Support, Feasibility Study, Contractual Application Research, Application Training On-site or @BUCHI, Scientific Reports, Training contracts.

Expert Know-How solutions are provided by the application experts in our competence centers in Flawil, Beijing and Mumbai and the locally available experts at our Affiliates.

Our scientific support offers pre-sales feasibility studies, tailored solution offers, after sales onsite support, regular basic to advanced courses, on demand customized training and continuous consulting.

BUCHI ACADEMY «User»: Basic User Training and Certification

Our certified service specialist will train your staff in the areas of basic and advanced functionality, basic application, easy maintenance and exchange of wear parts as well as basic trouble-shooting. FAQs and Q&As will be part of the training as well. Each trainee will receive a certification from BUCHI that confirms his or her participation.

BUCHI ACADEMY «Consult»: Feasibility Study / Research / Report

Your sample is assessed according to your need on the appropriate BUCHI product, yielding an objective purchase decision base and starting parameters for your application. Tailor made research application and scale-up consulting are offered while assuring non-disclosure. Written expertise opinions and reports, based on state-of-the-art scientific and unpublished application knowledge are offered.

BUCHI ACADEMY «Course»: Application Training @BUCHI

Join a regularly scheduled training with theoretical background information from basic to advanced level, hands-on and easy maintenance training, method optimization, and valuable tips and tricks from our experienced experts. Courses are held in one of our laboratory or training facilities.

BUCHI ACADEMY «CustomCourse»: Application Training

Customized on-demand training which is adjusted to your individual needs, from basic to advanced practical and theoretical knowledge, allows you to bring your own sample for testing the feasibility or to optimize your method. Additionally, non-disclosure agreements can be arranged.

BUCHI ACADEMY «Circle»: The BUCHI «CustomCourse» as a contract

We offer 2 days per contract year customized training with additional pricing benefits. You enjoy prioritized phone or email assistance for any questions about how to use your BUCHI device most effective or application queries related to your BUCHI products.

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