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Eco Achievers LLC

Building Performance Testing Services


We own blower doors and we aren't afraid to use them! Eco Achievers can diagnose your building's air leakage problems, which typically account for 40% of building energy loss.

Our building performance testing includes a variety of standardized tests, including:

  • One-Point Depressurization Test – A simple procedure to help you find and fix air leaks
  • Multi-Point Depressurization Test – A rigorous test that conforms to the US Army Corps of Engineers air leakage standard
  • ASTM E779 – Testing that determines air leakage rate by fan pressurization
  • ASTM E1186 – An air leakage site detection in building envelopes and air barrier systems
  • Multi-fan commercial building testing
  • Passive Haus and PHIUS+ infiltration testing
  • Guarded/Unguarded multifamily compartmentalization testing

Oftentimes, a building's envelope/shell test consists of a blower door(s) coupled with an infrared thermal imaging scan to help identify problem areas and then fix them. In other scenarios, the tests above are required for compliance with certification credits, such as LEED EQp2 Environmental Tobacco Smoke Control (commonly referred to as 'ETS').

Eco Achievers can perform all of these services for you, in addition to the energy modeling support needed to take advantage of Section 179D tax breaks for energy efficient buildings.

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