Bulk Materials Handling Service



Handling our clients’ needs with care: Ausenco has the expertise and know-how to handle your bulk materials from mine to port, through to their final market destination, wherever in the world it may be.

We are one of the world’s most experienced when it comes to the design, installation and construction management of complex transport systems for bulk materials.

Our internationally renowned engineers have designed, installed and integrated bulk-handling systems for mines, ports, mills, industrial and agricultural complexes globally. This means our processes have been refined over time to deliver to our clients systems that meet the unique bulk handling needs of their project, while minimising costs and maximising the efficiency of their operations.

We understand that transportation costs impact the price of our clients’ bulk commodities and ultimately, their bottom line. Our engineers have designed sophisticated transportation solutions in urban and remote locations around the world to efficiently deliver our clients’ materials to market and minimise cost.

We are skilled in handling every system component including ship loaders, conveyors, belt feeders, stackers, storage facilities, reclaimers, rail and truck dumpers, and crushers and we apply these systems to coal, most ores, concentrates, fertilizers and agricultural products. Our solutions include:

Pit extraction

  • Mine infrastructure
  • In pit crushing
  • Bulk ore conveying


  • Operational improvements for mine, rail and port
  • Logistics and supply chain simulation
  • Slurry pipelines
  • Conveyors, belt feeders and transfer systems
  • Overland conveyors and pipe conveyors
  • Environmental controls
  • Ports and marine facilities of all types

Bulk terminals

  • Bulk terminal facility design, planning and terminal performance analysis
  • Bulk export and import terminals
  • Materials handling and storage systems
  • Dry and liquid bulk cargo handling equipment
  • Ship and barge loading and unloading facilities
  • Design-build equipment including shiploaders, stackers, reclaimers, and stacker reclaimers
  • Rotary and bottom dump railcar unloaders
  • Truck and rail loading systems
  • Truck unloading systems
  • Silos, covered or open storage yards
  • High capacity and long distance conveyors (>10,000 t/h at speeds > 5 m/s)
  • Air slides and pneumatic systems
  • Crushing and screening
  • Environmental controls for noise, spillage, dust and water
  • Ports and marine facilities

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