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Bulking Sludge and Foam Control



The solution to control bulking sludge and foaming problems caused by filamentous bacteria. The formation of bulking sludge and foam in a biological process is mainly due to excessive presence of filamentous bacteria. Kemira FilamentEx has been developed to address these problems and bring stability back to the wastewater process.

Kemira FilamentEx offers a superior way of promoting a healthy micro-flora to avoid bulking sludge and foam. Experience shows that the treatment must be resolute and determined. Otherwise there is a risk of environmental damage and foam overflow problems and, in the worst cases, process failure and lower treatment capacity.
Tailor-made treatments
Kemira FilamentEx is built on deep experience, knowledge, research and analysis. This makes it possible to correctly diagnose your problem, draw the right conclusions and come up with a well-balanced treatment.
To prevent formation of bulking sludge and foam, our program includes:

  • chemical, physical, and biological analysis
  • expert recommendations
  • treatment
  • follow-up

Key features & benefits

  • stabilized process conditions
  • lower total operational costs

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