Carbon Credits


Climex offers a state of the art web-based auction platform for safe, efficient and transparent transacting of CO2 emission rights. These can include VERs for carbon offsetting, EUAs under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, or CERs and ERUs under the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation. Climex applies a high standard Client Due Diligence process and only grants qualified participants access to its platform. Climex auctions are anonymous; i.e. the transaction is settled by a third party (in most cases our parent company Rabobank). This allows for a more efficient and faster delivery of payment immediately after the auction. Transactions are usually settled within two days after the auction.

VERs for Carbon Offsetting
Climex is market leader in facilitating transactions in the voluntary carbon market. This market currently lacks transparency; a wide range of prices can be quoted by different market participants. Climex brings transparency to this market by inviting participants to compete interactively during the auction window. Furthermore, our transaction process is safe and efficient. Our Client Due Diligence is performed in cooperation with our parent company Rabobank, our processes are well documented with balanced Auction Rules and contracts, and transactions are settled by a third party, usually Rabobank.

Buyers can purchase carbon credits with preferred specifications, such as type of project, country of origin or year of vintage. Climex then actively markets these specifications to potential suppliers and checks prior to the auction whether the conditions are met. After the successful auction, Climex issues a Certificate that verifies that the company has offset its CO2 emissions.

EUA Auctions for Governments
As Phase 2 of the EU ETS draws to a close, Governments are looking to sell unused EUAs from the New Entry Reserve and EUAs from the Auctioning Budget. The total amount of EUAs coming to market from Governments until the end of the Phase 2 is expected to be more than 100 million.

Many Governments have experience with selling EUAs. Climex has assisted several European Governments to organize competitive auctions over the last five years. Governments hire Climex because we can guarantee that the auction process is safe, efficient and transparent. Participation is open to all bidders that pass our Client Due Diligence test and that adhere to our Auction Rules.

Prior to the auction, the Auctioneer (seller) deposits the EUAs into Rabobank International’s account and participants deposit cash collateral. Once the winner is announced, Rabobank International transfers the auction revenue to seller and transfers the EUAs to the winning bidders.

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