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Air Tox Environmental

CEM System Design, Assembly & Installation



The primary expertise of Air Tox's CEMS sales and service group is designing systems for each customer's needs that exhibit optimal performance in the harsh environment of industrial source sampling. Air Tox is committed to providing equipment that will best suit the needs of the customer and facility conditions, and that will be the most reliable and cost-effective system possible.

With several decades of team expertise, Air Tox is at your disposal to custom-tailor a system that will meet your needs and expectations. Our engineered CEMS offer system choices ranging from process control systems to fully compliant 40 CFR 60 and Part 75 systems. Air Tox provides direct-extractive and dilution-extractive CEMS solutions that are ideally suited for Utilities, Boilers, Flue Gas Desulfurization performance, and processs controls.

Air Tox uses experience in source emission measurement to choose the best quality component available that will provide minimum maintenance and maximum data capture for your system. Each system is custom-designed and configured to ensure that the customer is complying with permits as well as any other applicable Federal, State, or local requirements. As 100% data capture is becoming more important to customers, redundant systems or system components are often utilized to maximize process uptime.

Complete installation, process startup testing, CEM System training, and CEMS Certification testing are all provided for the customer. Upon regulatory approval of a pre-installation protocol prepared by Air Tox, the system is fabricated and made operational prior to being shipped or delivered to the customer. A team of Air Tox engineers and technicians typically spend 2 to 3 days on-site installing each system and performing operational checks.

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