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Centralised Biomedical Waste Management


The problems associated with bio-medical waste are manifold. They are hazardous to people both within and outside health-care institutions and also contaminate the land, air and water through inadequate disposal methods. The Ministry of Environment & Forests have made it mandatory for all health care institutes to take adequate steps to safely dispose the bio-medical waste generated by them. However, the costs involved with disposing these wastes using the right technologies are very high. The trend all over the world is to move towards centralised facilities in order to have better control and monitoring of the handling and disposal of bio-medical wastes.

Two personnel from every participating institute will be given training for two weeks on segregation of the waste and will be certified Hospital Waste Officers. They will be responsible for Hospital Waste Management in their institute.

Different colour bags as per bio-medical waste management rules will be provided. The filled bags will be placed in special colour coded, lockable, wheeled, airtight, heat-resistant and biohazard sign marked waste containers (also provided by us). Containers can be bar-coded and weighed for billing purposes.

The waste containers will be loaded into special trucks and transported to the central site. The full containers will be exchanged for empty ones.

After transportation to the central treatment site, the wastes are treated strictly as per standards specified in 'Bio-Medical Waste Management & Handling Rules' based on their characteristics.

Treatment by Autoclaving...

Infectious solid wastes such as plastics (blood bags, tubings, catheters, etc.,) sharps, items contaminated with blood (cotton dressings, beddings, etc.) are autoclaved.

Treatment by Incineration...

Haat incinerators, with their vast experience in incineration systems, will provide their new age design incinerators for the treatment and disposal of pathological wastes. The segregated pathological wastes, collected in non-chlorinated plastic bags are incinerated in accordance with the standards.

Shredding and Final Disposal...

Disinfected wastes are shredded if required and are either recycled or landfilled.

  • No hazards inside or outside the hospital
  • No environmental impact
  • Increase in the hygiene of the hospital and its appearance
  • Very low treatment costs as compared to individual treatment facilities
  • Safe and practical segregation, collection and transport strategies
  • Cost reduction through integrated waste management
  • Enables the institute to conform to all legal requirements by environment friendly disposal

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