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Chemical Cleaning and Decontamination Services


When faced with a highly technical and potentially hazardous fouling problem, there is simply no substitute for specialized expertise, proven experience and advanced chemical-based solutions. At Veolia North America, we are problem-solvers dedicated to providing technically advanced chemical cleaning services in a safe, efficient, and professional manner.

Chemical cleaning is the use of chemicals to remove various types of scaling, sludges and deposits using the science and properties of reactants and solvents for the purpose of dissolution.
We have more than 30 years of experience in the reactive and non-reactive chemical cleaning of industrial process equipment, such as boilers, condensers, heat exchangers, pipelines, cooling water systems, lube oil systems, reactors and towers. We have successfully completed numerous “total” unit cleaning projects, such as alkylation units, crude units and quench oil system degassing and decontamination. With our comprehensive capabilities, backed by our highly qualified and experienced team, customized equipment and innovative cleaning methods, Veolia can become your “single source” for chemical cleaning solutions.

Our chemical formulations are based on years of research and testing supported by our Technical Research and Development Center. Our chemical cleaning services give your company access to:

  • An experienced staff of expert chemists and engineers who will design a cleaning process to fit your individual plant's needs
  • A “toolbox” that combines a wide variety of chemicals such as mineral acids, organic acids, oxidizing agents, alkaline materials and proprietary blends to develop the optimum solution for your cleaning challenge
  • Chemical systems coupled with the most effective cleaning methods, such as fill-and-soak, high- and low-velocity circulation, foam, vapor phase, gelled fluids and spray techniques
  • Equipment custom-manufactured to provide effective cleaning for a broad spectrum of environments and applications
  • Veolia is also a leader in pre-operational cleaning, including steam-blowing services, to help your facility run smoothly, efficiently and according to schedule. We can help eliminate troublesome and costly start-up difficulties due to unwanted deposits. This plays a vital role in assuring that your plant and product specifications will be met from the very outset of your start-up.

  • Qualitative and quantitative scale and deposit analysis
  • Solvent compatibility study
  • Metallurgy compatibility study
  • Corrosion testing and evaluation
  • Waste profile
  • Cleaning procedure development
  • Decontamination of process equipment
  • Passivation
  • Pre-operational chemical cleaning
  • Operational/maintenance chemical cleaning
  • Engineering and flow dynamics
  • On-site project management and solvent analysis
  • Waste management

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