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Chemical Cleaning Services

CR Asia is recognized throughout the region as being a leader in the ability to provide a ONE-STOP solution to our customers in the Oil and Gas Industry. Our Chemical Cleaning Services complement this reputation by offering a vast amount of Chemical Cleaning process engineered and performed by key personnel having expert experience.Our Chemical Cleaning Service involves the application of chemicals, using specialized pumping and blending equipment to remove scales, deposits, or unwanted materials from various types of process equipment, piping, or any wetted/heated surface.During each chemical cleaning operation, engineers are constantly monitoring the chemical solution with specialized analytical equipment allowing onsite analysis of the solution during circulation. Once the unwanted deposits/scales have been removed the results are easily recognized by the increased plant efficiencies of the equipment, yielding a savings in reduced operating costs.

Chemical Cleaning division also offers specialized oil flushing services for circulating all types of critical seal oil, hot oil, lube oil and hydraulic oil systems, filtering them down to the manufacturers specifications NAS 1638 or ISO 4406:1999 specifications. In order to achieve the required level of ISO or NASA standards, we have designed specialized filtering units, heating tanks and circulating equipment to meet all oil flushing requirements.

  • Process Piping Systems
  • Vapor Phase Hydrocarbon & Pyrophoric Decontamination
  • Oxygen Service Piping & Equipment Cleaning
  • Furnaces, Heaters & Reboilers
  • Pre-operational & Maintenance Cleaning
  • Power Station, Utility & Waste Heat Boilers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Feed Water Systems
  • Cooling Water Systems
  • Fire Water Systems
  • Seal, Hydraulic & Lube Oil Systems
  • Stainless Steel Passivation
  • Internal & External Fin Coolers Cleaning

  • System circulation is performed with proper designed equipment to enable proper velocity circulation.
  • System metallurgy is also considered when selecting the proper equipment spread to prevent dissimilar metals contamination that could cause an after effect of unseen corrosion.
  • Special on site particle analysis equipment allowing quick and continuous results (all field results are confirmed by final laboratory results).

  • Laboratory analysis of system deposits
  • Laboratory testing of selected chemical treatments
  • Corrosion testing of cleaning solvents
  • Job planning, engineering and detailed procedures
  • Experienced personnel for execution and supervision of cleaning operation
  • Specialized equipment for cleaning operations

The benefits of pre-operational chemical cleaning far exceed mechanical cleaning by significantly reducing critical commissioning of the equipment. chemical cleaning is performed to effectively remove oils, greases, mill scales, iron scales and other foreign debris from newly installed systems and equipment during construction or expansion of power plants, refinery, petrochemical plants and industries equipment such as boiler, heat exchangers, tanks, vessels, etc.

Regular scheduled chemical cleaning activities can optimize plant operating efficiency with up to date solutions utilizing the latest chemical solvents for removal of scale and debris build up in heat exchangers, pipe work, vessels, tanks & most industrial equipment.

To further enhance CR Asia chemical cleaning capabilities, we offer complete Decontamination Process designed to offer a safe and more environmentally friendly means of reducing HS, Benzene and LEL's with complete elimination of Pyrophoric Iron Sulfide. This allows inspection and maintenance personnel to enter the plant equipment ahead of schedule.

Because chemical solutions can be dangerous, environmental protection is top priority in our works and is closely supported by our ISO 14001 certification.

In addition to chemical cleaning our extensive experience provides the best possible solution with the latest technologies for hot oil flushing, pigging, hydrotesting and N2 purging/drying, pipeline commissioning, Hg monitoring and decontamination services.

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