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Cleaning & Disinfection Descaling Cooling Tower System


In cooling tower circuits, there is a high concentration of different types of salts (calcium carbonate and magnesium), produced by the evaporation of water, which causes considerable economic costs for maintenance of the tower, and overspending water treatment chemicals and electricity. All these factors, taken together, reduce the thermal efficiency of the tower. In addition, the tower absorbs external pollutants, such as (airborne dust, pollution, etc.) that settle to the bottom of the tower and especially in the filling. The SR-CT system, perform an smart, clean, economical and environmentally friendly, which means, ultimately, saving water, energy and maintenance costs, optimizing results with minimal investment.

The aim of the SR-CT system is as follows:

  1. Establish a reliable and continuous process, in terms of water quality.
  2. Filter dust, pollution, sediment and sludge-absorbing, and are formed inside the tower through the filters of silica sand and granulated volcanic rock.
  3. Water disinfection and prevention of biological growth continues.
  4. Continuous operation and maintenance cost savings

  1. Prevents calcium from depositing in the tower and system components.
  2. Kills microorganisms and prevents bacterial growth.
  3. Operation at a pH greater than eight, which inhibits the corrosion of system components.
  4. Increased water quality and considerable savings of water drainage.
  5. Economic savings:
    1. Considerable savings of water, through the recovery of drainage water.
    2. Considerable savings in chemicals used in the tower.
    3. Electricity savings by reducing the hours of operation of the tower.
    4. High quality water without damaging the environment.
    5. Savings in maintenance.

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