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Climate Change Consultancy Services

Umwelt can help you understand the likely impacts of climate change on your activities and how you can assess, manage and reduce the risks associated with these impacts. Our highly-qualified and very experienced Climate Change Team includes planners, scientists and engineers, policy analysts and strategists. We have worked on climate change adaptation with farmers, insurers, engineers, waste and biofuel industries, infrastructure providers and managers, local, state and national governments, emergency response personnel and emergency preparedness practitioners, natural hazards analysts, and the mining and industrial sectors. We have worked on climate change mitigation strategies, auditing, assessment and management with major coal mining and extraction industries, manufacturing industries and local, state and national governments. Umwelt offers a broad range of expertise in climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation.

Australia is subject to significant climate variability. Recent physical changes in climate attributed to anthropogenic global warming include increased variability of rainfall, increased temperatures and rising sea levels. Storms are likely to become more severe and in some parts, drought and other extreme events will be more likely. Climate change affects many natural and social systems, including biodiversity, farming practices, water supply, stormwater, wastewater disposal, infrastructure and communities. Our everyday wellbeing will be affected by the changing incidence of diseases and altered weather
patterns, as well as increased threats from natural hazards like flooding and extreme heat. Managing the causes of climate change is becoming imperative as national governments move towards emission trading schemes. The practical means by which emissions may be managed and reduced are of interest to a wide range of sectors. The associated benefits of reduced energy costs and more sustainable activities are also important.

Umwelt can help you understand how the expected impacts of climate change will affect your activities, operations and policy environment. We can help you assess the risks associated with climate change and we can work with you to manage the consequences.

Umwelt can help you develop corporate and operational climate change mitigation policy and mitigation strategies, greenhouse gas and energy assessments, emissions profiles, energy profiles, carbon footprints, Life-Cycle Analysis, National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Systems and Carbon Pollution Reduction strategies.

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