Partrac Ltd

Partrac Ltd

Coastal Oceanography Services



Partrac is a leading provider of coastal oceanographic surveys, with experience throughout the UK and worldwide. We provide a range of services from drogue tracking and dye tracing in support of dispersion and dilution monitoring, through to more complex surveys including seabed ADCP deployments and vessel mounted current profiling.

  • Survey design, planning and management
  • License applications
  • Seabed ADCP and AWAC deployments
  • Vessel mounted ADCP survey
  • Turbulence surveys
  • Dilution and circulations studies
  • Drogue and dye tracing
  • CTD and current profile surveys
  • Tidal level measurement
  • Water quality monitoring (e.g. dissolved oxygen and turbidity)
  • Data processing and analysis using in-house Matlab scripts
  • High quality reporting providing clear and concise data and interpretation

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