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The heart of the Community Co-Digestion offering is an anaerobic digestion system. Other systems may include, preprocessing, de-packaging, gas scrubbing, gas upgrading, electricity generation, CNG fueling and digestate processing, to name a few. Host sites might either be a farm, a municipal wastewater plant, an industrial site or an urban merchant location. Ideal projects will have numerous, secured feedstock, good quality off-takers for valuable by products, a secure project site and need for financing and ongoing O&M support.

NSU excels at utilizing our in-depth technical resources to deploy the best available technology in the industry including those that we develop internally. Our ability to combine our operations talent and our technical teams gives us an unparalleled view of the realities of running a complex digestion system.

Many municipal or industrial wastewater plants with anaerobic digesters use them to breakdown and stabilize sludge for disposal by land-application, landfill, or incineration. However, clients are often impacted by excessive sludge hauling costs. Many times, the biogas (methane) which is a natural end-product generated from the digester process is flared to the atmosphere and becomes a wasted resource. Those projects are likely missing out on an opportunity to tap into the energy value of biogas and save on the cost of plant operations.

NSU is a pioneer in anaerobic digestion enhancement and biogas recovery systems and offers municipal and industrial clients design, build, operations and financing solutions to optimize their wastewater process to recover the value of this untapped energy. Through plant upgrades such as installing combined heat and power (CHP) systems, the digester process can be optimized to produce more biogas and more renewable energy in the form of power, natural gas, or heat, which can be reused within the plant process. Ultimately, clients will benefit from sludge disposal and operational savings, a lower price for electricity, and reduced carbon footprint without having to raise or spend capital. Learn more about NSU’s biogas recovery solution for the Village of Ridgewood NJ.

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