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Complete Solutions for Tire Recycling

In 1982 CM introduced the first turn key system to process whole tires into clean cut consistently sized chips with very little wire protrusion. The systems ability to cut the steel reinforced wire cleanly and the systems ability to produce consistently sized chips allowed the product to be mixed with coal and other solid fuels. More importantly the chips could be metered and fed with existing material handling equipment, without clogging or jamming feed screws or rotary air locks. This innovation was largely responsible for the creation and growth of the tire derived fuel market that exists today.

Since that time, CM has developed and continues to develop numerous types and styles of tire recycling equipment, along with integrated processing systems. Over the years, CM has vertically integrated its product line, which includes the CM Liberator that liberates the steel from the rubber in an extremely clean manner. In addition, feed bins, magnetic separators, vibratory conveyors and clean wire separators can be added to create efficient processing systems that separate the rubber and steel fragments. Optional rubber screening and aspiration systems utilized for sizing and nylon fiber removal are also used to service a multitude of markets for tire rubber.

Today CM tire recycling equipment can be supplied separately or arranged in a multitude of designs to produce high quality, value added tire derived products that range from tire derived fuels, rubber mulch, playground materials, field turf, asphalt rubber and rubber for numerous molded rubber and industrial applications.

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