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Enventure's Component Engineering Services are used by companies across various industry segments, including OEM, Contract Manufacturing, Component Manufacturing and Component Distribution. Enventure's Component Engineering Services enable these companies to revolutionize their businesses processes, including part obsolescence management, data transformation and more.Companies across North America and Europe which are leaders in their domain (like Hi-Tech Electronics, Automotive and Telecom) have leveraged Enventure's services to improve their leadership in the market and stay ahead of competition. With experience in a huge and eclectic variety of industries, Enventure’s Component Engineering Services provide solutions for a broad range of issues faced by today's industry. Enventure's Component Engineering Services are an excellent proposition for those looking to reduce procurement costs, optimize supply chain, whilst also streamlining business practices.

Offering Effective REACH Compliance Solutions

REACH Compliance is today a crucial need for companies that market their products in the European Union, and is proving to be a challenge. The REACH regulation restricts the usage or release of certain hazardous substances which are listed as Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC List). Most companies struggle to even identify whether they are compliant or not, due to the lack of structured data available from their suppliers.

Enventure helps businesses achieve REACH Compliance on time, and within budgets, by virtue of its mature and time tested processes and strategy for data collection, giving it a real advantage over competitor offerings. Enventure’s REACH Compliance services collate and report data in multiple standards and deliver it across a variety of formats, compatible with most ERP, PLM or compliance management software systems. The additional data tracking and monitoring services ensure that data integrity is maintained on an ongoing basis, providing companies with a one source solution for all their compliance data requirements.

Enventure also offers REACH training services, on location or through webinars, which give companies a better understanding of the REACH legislation and their responsibilities. The REACH training services are very useful for companies who are getting started with their REACH compliance initiative.

Proactive Part Obsolescence Management

Component Obsolescence is inevitable, as any part goes through its natural life cycle, driven by demand, technology, market and several other factors. The challenge however, if for companies to manage such obsolescence or PCN (Part Change Notice) events, which affects their products. Very often, unexpected and sudden obsolescence events create fire fighting situations for electronics manufacturing companies, since often replacement parts may not be available and redesign becomes inevitable.

Effective and proactive part obsolescence management is very critical to ensure that such situations do not arise and that a business has the ability to plan and act, ahead of such events.

Part Obsolescence Management services from Enventure deliver a proactive component lifecycle monitoring and reporting facility, which is comprehensive in nature. Starting out with a strategic approach, Enventure works with clients to implement a part obsolescence management system, that is best suited for the client's environment. Enventure also provides clients with support for managing obsolescence events efficiently, by helping them identify alternate parts, doing impact analysis, redesigning boards and providing other similar support services.

Power of Component Cross Reference

Ensuring that parts used in designs have multiple sources is important for an OEM and Component Cross Referencing services from Enventure deliver exactly that. In many cases, even unearthing existing cross reference parts within a customer's existing database is part of what Enventure's responsibility.

Most component manufacturers and distributors also utilize Enventure's cross reference services, to identify alternates in customer Bills of Materials (BOMs) and create up-sell / cross-sell opportunities.

Enventure's Component Engineering Services Enable Organizations to:

  • Improve control of supply-demand chain
  • Streamline operations
  • Derive business intelligence
  • Lower costs of content management
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Maximize ROI from enterprise software systems
  • Align data with business goals
  • Reduce costs of data management
  • Achieve faster RoHS/REACH Compliance
  • Better manage inventory to improve procurement
  • Propel sales by reducing time-to-market and improving internal efficiencies

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