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Bureau Veritas is the nation’s leading provider of Building Safety and Construction Code Compliance Services. With more than 500 trained professionals, Bureau Veritas strives to ensure safe, durable built environments by providing the services listed below.

Through continuous efforts to ensure consistency across offices, we maintain reliability by performing extensive internal audits and systematic risk management reviews. When it comes to Building Safety and Construction Code Compliance Services, we feel our clients are entitled to expect best-in-class responses from Bureau Veritas, customized to their geographical scope, organization size, and business dynamics.


small blue arrowAccessibility Plan Review & Inspections
small blue arrowCode Consulting
small blue arrowEnergy Code Compliance
small blue arrowGreen Building Programs
small blue arrowRisk Management Programs
small blue arrowThird Party Plan Review & Inspections


small blue arrowBuilding Department Administration
small blue arrowBuilding Plan Review 
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Building Inspections 
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Civil Plan Review & Inspections 
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Disaster Recovery 
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Food Establishment Inspections 
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Third Party Plan Review & Inspections 


small blue arrowBuilding a Power Plant
small blue arrowBVnet
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Emission Measurement
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Nuclear Power
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Wind Power

What are the key benefits?
Demand-driven resources encourage development
Partnering with Bureau Veritas provides the public agency with unlimited resources.  As the demand on the agency increases, Bureau Veritas supplements the agency with additional resources.  The result is an efficient and cost-effective solution to ensuring design conforms to the state and locally adopted codes and standards.

Availability of technical experts
With a network of 850 offices and 33,000 employees in more than 140 countries, Bureau Veritas has the resources to handle any project that comes along.

Knowledge and Expertise
Certified by the International Code Council, Bureau Veritas staff is proficient in the application of design and testing standards and has participated in the development of design standards on many different levels.  A number of our employees are members of various industry associations, as well as moderators and speakers at the Building Professional Institute and International Code Council Conferences.  Through our memberships and participation, we receive technical support and interpretations from other industry experts, colleagues and industry leaders.

Personalized Service  

Bureau Veritas will proactively ensure exceptional customer service, balance development momentum with code compliance / processing requirements, and seamlessly serve as an extension of the client’s staff.

Our Approach

At Bureau Veritas, our #1 goal is to meet and exceed the service levels required from our municipal clients.  Our commitment is to provide staff continuity, close communication, immediate accessibility to staff & information, implementation of best practices, and proactively solve issues not clearly identified in the code.

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