Our customers are our partners. Our aim is to detect imminent damage on key parts at the earliest stage possible and, of course, to extend oil change intervals to the individual requirements. All these measurements help  to reduce costs and to protect the environment from unnecessary pollution.

Our OELCHECK consulting-service supports you on all questions about oil:

  • Too many different oil types in use?
  • Difficulties in finding the right lubricant for a new machine?
  • Did you get the optimal advice from your lubricant supplier?
  • Would it be economical to change the oil or grease type?
  • Would you like to have an independent lubricant recommendation for your machine?
  • Do you need a prompt decision?

All our customers can take advantage of our OELCHECK consulting-service - either within the service range of one of our analysis kits or by asking for individual additional single tests.

OELCHECK experts advise you on:

  • How to extend  oil changing intervals and simplify maintenance
  • Optimal and easy internal lubricating practice
  • Appropriate  lubrication of new machines
  • Cost-saving purchase of lubricants
  • Initial filling and refilling of plants and machines
  • Expertise

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