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Adsorptech has full engineering deliverable capabilities including: process flow sheets and specifications, P&Ids, valve and line lists, mechanical and procurement specifications, piping and electrical drawings, control panels, loop diagrams and control programming, fabrication and installation specifications and drawings, and operating manuals. Everything you need for a complete installed facility including the project engineering, project management, and construction management functions. We can also provide any other consulting needed for any ambient gas separations.

Adsorptech also can provide Industrial Procurement Consulting where we will provide both technical and contract expertise for anyone wishing to procure any industrial gas or oxygen equipment.

  1. Sales and marketing tools for a large industrial gas company to allow performance and cost estimates for onsite cryogenic and non-cryogenic gas production projects.
  2. Process and safety system design for a liquid hydrogen storage system.
  3. Process study to simulate and compare ethylene demethaniser separation column with a newer technology developed by a customer.
  4. Process design for a large cryogenic double walled tank and associated systems on a semiconductor site.
  5. Process design of a novel ozone separation equipment to allow recycle of oxygen gas in Ozone production units. Helped write and received a joint patent with a customer for the new process.
  6. Several process trouble shooting assignment for OxygenPSA, Nitrogen PSA and Oxygen VPSA units most makes and sizes. In one case increased Oxygen production from 65 tpd to 100 tpd.
  7. Process modeling and design for an experimental carbon capture process for a customer.
  8. Process design package for a methane capture from landfill gas at a site in California to allow production of LNG

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