Contaminated Sediments



Contaminated sediments, whether in freshwater or marine systems, pose a significant environmental challenge within the United States and around the world. Cost estimating for sediment-related cleanup projects is a persistent challenge for financial professionals and planners charged with estimating these types of cleanup efforts because estimating the true costs of such projects is tremendously difficult and riddled with high degrees of uncertainty.

ERCI has developed a comprehensive Parametric model for assisting financial professionals and planners in developing appropriate cost estimates for the processing and disposal of dredged materials. This can be used for planning and budgetary purposes, for communicating with appropriate stakeholders, and for providing guidance to senior management. The multi-variable financial model is capable of incorporating cost estimates for a single site or a portfolio of sites, while allowing for individual site specifications by providing cumulative costs over the remediation period. It permits 'what if' scenarios and provides both numerical and graphical depictions of the cost estimates.

  • More accurate, planning level, estimates for contaminated sediment dredging projects
  • 'What if' scenario analysis
  • Single site or portfolio views / analyses

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