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Integrate relevant, comprehensive compliance related data into third party ERP, PLM, or EHS systems.

How quickly and effectively can you respond to the demand of customers, consumers and regulatory agencies?

Regulations have increased fivefold since the inception GHS, with the volume and pace of change exacerbated by an increase in oversight and enforcement. EHS and product teams struggle with complex regulatory obligations in multiple jurisdictions, rapid fire customer demands and lack of access to updated global chemical regulatory data. 

Organizations using sophisticated enterprise solutions, whether custom developed or commercial, struggle with inefficiency and poor decision making without the ability to access current, comprehensive compliance content within those systems.

At Verisk 3E™ we are the leaders in researching, sourcing, aggregating, enriching and maintaining compliance related data and making it available to our customers where, when and how they need it. 

With 3E Optimize™ you can maintain accuracy and consistency across the enterprise with integrated substance-level content, built-in classification rules, multilingual phrase and template libraries and more.

You can feed our value added chemical, material and product level ingredient content into nearly any system, including SAP®, Enablon®, Jaggaer®, Biovia’s CISpro®, Intelex® and our own 3E Generate™, formerly MSDgen, authoring platform. No content provider has more experience integrating regulatory data into ERP, PLM and EHS systems.

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