The Metro Group

The Metro Group

Cooling Tower Compliance Services


Metro Group is the only company in New York City that can perform all of your required services to comply with NYCDOH mandates under Local Law 77. Our team can provide coverage anywhere in New York State and handle all of your NYS cooling Tower Compliance requirements. Choosing any other vendor will leave you caught in the middle. Vendors that only fulfill piecemeal requirements under the law leave you at risk of facing violations and crippling fines. No one will step up and take responsibility at a time when you need a partner the most.

As the only company that can provide all of the below required services in house (as we do for over one thousand NYC cooling towers already), Metro stands behind our commitment to fulfill all of the required services mandated by Local Law 77, so you can rest knowing you are fully compliant. Metro stands by our plans and programs and will be there by your side should city or state inspectors question your plan or compliance.

Our Services Include:

  • ASHRAE 188 compliant cooling tower plan
  • Cooling tower water treatment
  • Feed and control equipment packages that meet city/state requirements
  • Weekly bacteria testing, record keeping, and rapid response
  • 3x/week chemical and water testing
  • 2x/year cooling tower cleaning and disinfections
  • 3x/year Legionella testing
  • 3x/year system inspections performed by qualified personnel
  • Plan certification

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