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Cooling towers with heat exchangers or “fill” are subject to formation of biofilm. This biofilm is the breeding ground for Legionella bacteria. The water temperature supports rapid growth. When the water mist escapes from the cooling tower, the Legionella bacteria are carried into the air and pose a respiratory risk. Not only is the general public at risk, but also your employees. Many companies use chemicals, sometimes anodic-oxidation or ozone. Costly approaches that are not always reliable. With chemicals, there is a requirement for frequent drain-down, leading to high wastage of water as well as use of chemicals. Bifipro® Cool offers reduced chemical, water and waste water costs. Naturally!

The Bifipro® Cool is the only copper silver ionisation system approved by the Ctgb for treatment of cooling water in the Netherlands. This authorisation is a legal requirement. Regulatory requirements differ according to market. Bifipro® Cool counters Legionella at its source by removing the biofilm from the cooling tower and attacking the bacteria directly. The Legionella bacteria have no chance. An effective, cost-reducing and sustainable method. Naturally!

Since May 2010 Holland Water, working with the Dutch Rijksgebouwendienst (State Buildings Service), has installed Bifipro® Cool in two cooling towers of the Dutch Forensic Institute in The Hague. Lime deposits and fouling in the towers disappeared and Legionella was no longer detected. Moreover, there are significant environmental benefits as chemical use is eliminated and drain water reduced by 50%.

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