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Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Services

Whether it’s called Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Responsibility or Sustainability or just CSR or CR/S, every company has a unique business case that successfully drives this initiative. Despite the twists and turns of the global economy, environmental trends and societal forces give momentum to these long-term corporate management systems. STC helps clients target their business drivers to design, implement, and improve Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CR/S) programs.

Establish the Business Case for Sustainability
Our real-life experience in industry and consulting allows us to consistently provide sound strategies to build CR/S programs that address stakeholder values and are vital to success in today’s global organizations. Our CR/S practice leadership has experience with brands, consumers and NGOs, and has built programs from the ground up, both as internal senior leaders and as external expert consultants.

Assessment and Materiality
CR/S initiatives must be significant, or “material” to the organization’s long-term success.  STC consultants assist companies in assessment to determine material issues around which strategy and program are designed. We perform benchmarking studies and gap analyses, develop implementation road maps and establish key metrics that drive performance. Employing lifecycle thinking about a company’s products, operations and services, we identify the sustainability initiatives that are critical to customer loyalty, employee engagement and business success. We assist in developing vision and policy statements, work with teams to set targets and objectives, and provide communications and training programs support.

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Reports
Public reporting and responding to various stakeholders are increasingly important elements of a CR/S program. We work with clients to develop reports, such as company annual Corporate Responsibility or Sustainability reports in conformity to the GRI G4 Guidance released in 2013. We draft company submittals to CR/S rating firms such as the Carbon Disclosure Project, Trucost, Sustainalytics and others.  Some companies first become aware of the need for a corporate responsibility program when they receive inquiries from suppliers, customers, or NGOs. Others are suppliers to global brands who increasingly demand more sustainability data. We assist clients in crafting appropriate responses to various external inquiries from energy, GHG and waste data to responsible sourcing, conflict minerals and human rights.

Standards and audits are also important elements of implementing a CR/S program. STC is able guide clients through social accountability and industry standards such as SA 8000, EICC, and ISO 26000, and perform audits or work with corporate and site staff in preparation for third-party audits.

Examples of  CR/S Engagements include:

  • Confidential Consumer Electronics Client: STC briefed executives on the evolution of CSR as a business function, the current state of industry programs, and how recent trends impact the client’s industry. We helped our client evaluate the potential value of CSR programs to its operations. We then crafted the company’s first CSR program, leveraged the strength of existing programs, and proposed a path forward for subsequent development. We also helped define success measures.
  • International Rectifier (IR): Acting as an extension of the corporate EHS / CSR department, STC guides the development of a complete program which will include supplier management, philanthropy, environmental sustainability leadership, and membership in the EICC. We helped IR prepare for its first EICC audit at a non-US facility. Through stakeholder analysis, coaching for audit participants, and as expert advisors to senior and executive managers, STC has helped launch an integrated CSR program for IR, to position the company competitively in the years ahead.

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