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- 3D Visualization Services


Dakota provides the capability to view TarGOST/UVOST/ROST site characterization data in 3D or 2D in static or dynamic format with unparalleled resolution. Dakota can also overlay the site with aerial photographs or building CAD models over GIS terrain data to provide an accurate overall picture of the site with relevant subsurface features.

TarGOST®/UVOST®/ROST data logs are typically acquired at 1 inch vertical resolution which is orders of magnitude higher resolution than traditional sampling methods. Dakota’s key advantage is high accuracy in the contamination models. When visualized in 3-D, contaminants migrating in narrow seams or “stringers” of sand, silt, or gravel are easy to see. TarGOST®’s/UVOST®/ROST high data density reveals these types of contaminant distribution features often missed by conventional methods. Dakota’s interpolation algorithms combined with the high density TarGOST®/UVOST®/ROST data produce a high correlation between individual TarGOST®/UVOST®/ROST data logs and the 3-D source term model.

  • 2-D (fence or cross section) and 3-D models such as Plume and Stick provide a variety of methods to best represent the log data
  • Choose a variety of display formats including static graphics and dynamic video
  • Overlay site aerial photographs or satellite images onto the model
  • Integrate Dakota’s visual models with client’s existing AutoCAD drawings
  • Fast turn-around time




High Resolution

  • Vertical resolution less than 1 inch
  • Log interpolation between direct push locations using a highly accurate modeling algorithm


  • Static visualization of subsurface features to ease data interpretation
  • Dynamic full 360-degree fly-by video
  • Add surface contour and buildings to gain perspective and ease data interpretation


Save Time & Money

  • Optimize placement of validation sampling and treatment technologies
  • 'Machine Vision' eliminates subjectivity typical during boring analysis


  • Visualize the 'big picture'
  • Superior communication tool
  • Consultants can produce high quality results for their clients

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