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One of the most important aspects of getting the true value out of StakeTracker is to ensure that all the relevant stakeholder information and communications with them is recorded and entered quickly and correctly into StakeTracker, and in a timely fashion. Without this, the content of reports is incomplete, inaccurate, out of date, and therefore disjointed and meaningless.

Many of our customers may not have the internal resources, budgets and capacity to do this themselves cost effectively, particularly in the early phase of the implementation when the team are still learning, and when the skills set required of an internal administrator are just not yet developed. SustaiNet clearly recognizes this and now offers a range of data management services to assist such customers to get off to a good start and ramp up as quickly as possible. We set up and configure StakeTracker for their specific use and reporting needs, as well as offer ongoing training of key staff. We teach our customers to fish, and work beside them until they are ready and able to take over the ownership of their data management responsibilities.

Our data management and consulting services include process scoping studies, protocol document creation, data entry (regardless of the date format and sources), report development and scheduling, regulatory reporting, data auditing and data management recommendation reports (in relation to the protocols agreed on), all based on industry best practices in stakeholder information management.

As we are experts in the use of StakeTracker, who better to engage to do this for you than us! Our rates are more than competitive and guarantee that they are significantly lower than others who offer a similar service. All we want is for our customers to be successful, and as a software product company we do not regard the hours spent achieving this as a major profit centre for us. We can ramp up this service extremely quickly and have you up and running in next to no time. A number of our customers also retain SustaiNet to enter their data on an ongoing basis, and in particular when they need to expedite their consultation submissions to the regulators before they have even employed dedicated staff to do this internally.

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