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Mineral exploration in Germany and Europe dates back far into the Middle Ages. Agricola was the first to systematically capture and describe ore deposits in his work on the Erz Mountains. Since then the underground has been increasingly explored scientifically. Therefore, area-wide data sets from geological and geophysical surveys exist in Germany and Europe. Scientific publications further increase the existing knowledge.

Regional exploration of mineral resources takes place in surges. Depending on the type of resource, presumable occurrence, mining costs and market price, a region can, over time, irregularly become the center of focus of exploration activities. In the course of these activities, data are being collected through extensive exploration campaigns. Examples are:

  • The Upper Rhine Graben with early exploration and mining of silver, sulfate, coal, oil and gas and today’s exploitation of geothermal heat.
  • The southern German Molasse Basin with early exploration and exploitation of oil and gas and today’s use of geothermal heat.

Comprehensive geological mapping, systematic oil and gas well drilling and related gravity and reflexion seismic surveys from in part very old exploration campaigns form the basis for data-mining and prospecting.

The goal of data-mining is

  • To gain an overview of relevant data
  • To find the data owner, if applicable
  • To screen the data
  • To declare purchase intentions
  • To purchase relevant data

It is the responsibility of the exploration geologist to think out of the box even when at first sight there is no apparent connection to deep geothermal systems. For example, research on the location of nuclear power plants can yield interesting results on the existence and activity of fault zones, or geochemical analysis on shallow groundwater wells provide evidence of upwelling thermal water.
In regions with sparse data, for example some regions in the East African Rift System or in Indonesian virgin forest, the work of the exploration geologist starts with prospecting. This includes aerial and satellite image interpretation, overview mapping, data acquisition in the field as well as sampling and measuring of subsurface air, ground- and spring water.

At the end of each data-mining and prospection campaign the data is being evaluated by the geologist in charge. He determines how important the data are for the future field development and makes a recommendation which data should be purchased or newly acquired.

The geologists of GeoThermal Engineering GmbH have over 15 years of experience in research, weighting and assessing existing results of exploration and prospecting efforts.

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