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Environmental consultants need accurate and complete data – including correctly mapped database listings and the right amount of detail to help identify possible risks. We also try to make sure that we give you the information you need without giving you a bloated report full of redundant information or blank data fields. Our environmental database reports, compiled from multiple government agencies, can help you identify recognized environmental conditions (RECs), historical recognized environmental conditions (historical RECs), controlled recognized environmental conditions (CRECs) and other real or potential environmental issues at your site and at surrounding properties. Information may include:

  • locations of identified or suspected soil or groundwater contamination
  • compliance and violation concerns
  • permitted hazardous waste generators and emission sources
  • leaking tank sites, spills and landfills
  • potential sources of hazardous vapors in the subsurface

A crucial part of environmental due diligence is understanding the current regulatory status of a property. We work with our database providers to deliver the most complete and accurate reports so that you can limit follow up calls to track down additional information. We also save you time by delivering accurate, easy to use reports that don’t include outdated or repetitive databases. Each database report is reviewed by a report analyst to insure the database listings are accurately mapped and the list of un-mapped facilities is reduced as much as possible.

We listen to you and can help you customize one or more report templates to meet the specific needs of your firm or to match your client’s database report requirements — making it easier for you to find the data you want and avoid the stuff you don’t.

We work with Environmental Risk Information Service (ERIS), GeoSearch, Envirosite Corporation and EnviroCheck Solutions to give you more database report options than any other data provider. All reports are delivered in PDF format with clickable links – another great time saver.

ASTM/AAI Database Reports – these reports meet or exceed the requirements for an environmental records search as defined in the ASTM Standards and the All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) rule.

GeoSearch Radius Report
Comes with: text/excel data files, zip code list file and unlocatable report.
Options:  Add GeoPlus physical setting data (see below for description)

GeoSearch RecSearch Report
Comes with:  text/excel data files, zip code list file and unlocatable report.

ERIS Database Report
Options:  Add Physical Setting Report and/or text/excel data file (see below for description)

Envirosite Government Records Report
Comes with:  excel file

EnviroCheck Solutions Radius Search Report

GeoPlus Report by GeoSearch

  • National Wetlands Inventory map
  • Federal Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) from FEMA
  • Soils map and data
  • Water well map with well data, if available
  • Oil and gas well map with well data, if available
  • Geology Map

ERIS Physical Setting Report

  • Floodplain map
  • Wetland map
  • Geology map
  • Soils map with dept to groundwater and bedrock
  • Water well map and details
  • Radon zone
  • DEM shaded relief map
  • Topo map

Database Reports for Corridors and Large Areas – Reports for your bigger projects using ASTM/AAI search distances or your custom report template, available from all our database providers. A supplemental spreadsheet containing the report data and coordinates can be requested at the time of ordering so you can integrate the data into your project’s GIS mapping system. For very large sites, supplemental maps can be enlarged for each section of the project area.

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