Landsvirkjun Power

Landsvirkjun Power

Deep Well Lineshaft Pumps


Deep well turbine lineshaft pumps of Icelandic design are characterized by having product (water) lubricated shaft bearings which were developed in Iceland in 1968. Now, more than 120 pumps are in continuous geothermal operation all over the world. They have a proven record of exceptionally high reliability. The pump motors can easially be operated with variable speed control over almost the whole speed range.


  • Proven pump reliability in diverse geothermal fluids.
  • Mean time between failure is 7-15 years, depending mainly on water quality
  • Product lubrication of lineshaft bearings
  • no down-hole pollution of oil in water
  • Versatile operation
  • easy to control remotely
  • variable speed control (15-60 Hz)
  • Depth range 0 to 300 m
  • Fluid temperature range 4°C to 200°C

Pump control

Extended pump life is the main emphasis of the electrical and control system design. Variable speed motor drive ensures the smoothest possible start and stop of the pump and automatic control following closely the system demand providing minimal pumping power. The pump assembly can easially be remote controlled. Enables monitoring signals to be collected, such as discharge pressure, flow and temperature, well water level, motor speed, power and vibration level etc.

Engineering services and training in pump operation and installation

Selection of proper pump size and submergence depth is an important engineering task offered to match the characteristics of the well and the reservoir with requested output capacity. Pump assembly is delivered with specialist pump installation, adjustments and start-up services. In addition it entails theoretical and hands-on training of client's operating personnel in installation and safe operation.

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