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Delegated Review Program Services

Carolina Storm Water Services, LLC works with local governments to assist with the implementation of the State delegated storm water program and with the Federal NPDES permitting requirements. We provide the following services to municipalities: Storm water and sediment and erosion control plan review and approval, Erosion control site inspections, Assistance with complying with the NPDES regulations that pertain to, Regulated Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s).

We realize that it may not always be cost effective or feasible for small government agencies to hire or train the appropriate staff to review plans and conduct inspections of construction sites. However, if a municipality wants to handle the permitting and inspections of land disturbing activities at the local level, they must apply for delegation of the storm water program from the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control.

In order to become delegated, the requesting agency must have qualified plan reviewers and inspectors on staff or they must contract these responsibilities out to qualified individuals. Our qualified plan reviewers and inspectors will work on a contract basis with local governments to provide the services that they need in order to become delegated. This allows municipalities to have more control over development at the local level while utilizing qualified individuals to perform the required services. In many cases, the local government may only receive a very small number of land disturbance permit applications per year. This workload may not be enough to justify hiring a full-time staff engineer to conduct these plan reviews. In this type of situation, our staff engineers would conduct the plan reviews on an as-needed basis and make recommendations for approval or denial to the municipality.

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