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You need to have the right chemicals, in the right quantities, delivered on time and safely. You need to have uninterrupted supply ready for use with minimum hassles. Sounds simple? It is not always easy getting those basic needs met. That's where Nalco can help.

Of course, we'll get you the chemicals you need when you need them, safely - that should go without saying. But, we'll also work with you, on-site, to determine optimum tank location and chemical feeds, we'll install the system, then we'll monitor it to make sure everything is in compliance and running at peak efficiency to reduce downtime and help you manage your resources. We'll even manage your inventory for you if you choose.

PORTA-FEED® Delivery Service
Additionally, we have set the standard for returnable chemical delivery systems and “hands-off” chemical handling. Our PORTA-FEED units are returnable shipping containers set up at a customer’s plant to feed our chemicals into the customer’s system. When the chemical level is low, a refill unit is delivered to the plant and we take the empty PORTA-FEED unit back for cleaning and re-use. Since the introduction of the PORTA-FEED program in 1985, we have eliminated the disposal of over four million chemical drums.

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