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The Sirius Group.

Demolition and Asbestos Management Services



Sirius delivers demolition contracts and asbestos management services for clients and projects across the UK.Our specialist in-house Demolition & Decommissioning team has a track record of successful delivery of projects since 2003.Safety is paramount during demolition and decommissioning projects and therefore requires careful planning and controlled management. Our projects include detailed working plans and implementation strategies for all aspects of the removal of hazardous materials, decommissioning of plant and equipment and demolition of structures, and buildings.We apply our specialist knowledge, expertise and experience within contracts that manage all parties’ risks, maximise the benefits of resource recovery, reclaimed materials and waste minimisation.

Asbestos Management
We integrate our asbestos management with our demolition and decommissioning teams as many of our projects include the parallel requirement for both of these services.

All of our projects are completed under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Sirius is a HSE licensed asbestos removal company our licence (091105361) is valid until 2015.

Our asbestos management services include:

  • Removal of notifiable asbestos products;
  • Removal of notifiable non-licensable material;
  • Removal of non-notifiable materials;
  • Erection / dismantling of scaffolding;
  • Monitoring / supervision of removal of asbestos within soils;
  • Surveys to determine the presence and quantification of asbestos within soils;
  • Ambient air quality monitoring for asbestos fibres;
  • Refurbishment and Demolition Asbestos Surveys (HSG264);
  • Management Surveys (HSG264);  
  • Re-Inspections of Management Surveys HSG264 and
  • Inspection of properties prior to purchase.

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