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Westin Technology Solutions

Design, Bid and Construction Services


Today’s electrical and SCADA systems do much more than provide power and control for water treatment processes. Reliable control and electrical systems are a required to optimize energy and chemical use, collect data for regulatory reports, or attain sophisticated asset and maintenance management. Delivering a system to achieve those goals involves thousands of details. Westin’s proven approach and experienced professionals work with you to ensure that your systems meet your unique operational and business needs.


Service Objective: Design/Bid

Westin helps utilities determine the right mix of computer hardware, software, communications, databases, electrical and instrumentation to attain their business and operational objectives. Westin helps specify biddable and buildable system requirements to ensure that contractors address all required elements; that the work is completed to a common standard; and that construction change orders are minimal.

Service Objective: Construction Services

Agencies invest significant time and energy into system planning, design and configuration to improve process control and performance. To ensure the system delivers the planned improvements, agencies must ensure that installation and startup match plans.

Successful implementation requires continuity from plan through construction. An experienced construction manager can help you deliver on schedule, avoid unnecessary change orders, capitalize on opportunities for improvement discovered during system development, and ensure that installation matches your specification.

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