Clean Air Technologies Ltd.

Clean Air Technologies Ltd.

Design & Build Services


At Clean Air Technologies our product is client Peace of Mind through our confidence in our ability to provide pragmatic, value engineered solutions for mission critical environments. Utilising our Design Consultancy Services we can further support and enhance this confidence by providing

Pre Design Services

  • Develop User Requirement Specification with Client
  • Translate into Functional Design Specification
  • Detail Design
  • Write Design/ Operational Specification

Post Design Services

  • Peer reviews of Architectural Drawings Design Schemes
  • Identify areas of Non Conformity
  • Source of Best Practice
  • Identify potential savings on specified components

Clean Air Technologies has recently delivered:

  • 400m2 BSL 4 Upgrade and Renovation (Biotechnology Industry)
  • 100m2 Upgrade and extension of GMP
  • Grade C facility (Pharmaceutical Industry)
  • 1000m2 BSL3 & ISO7 Forensic Labs (Forensics)
  • 250m2 Avian Flu Lab (Government)

We provide a range of services to provide a comprehensive design package along with a structured build management programme.

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