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Integrated solid waste management is a relatively new activity for our country, Greece. In fact, within a few years we have to move from the middle-ages of illegal waste dumping to european standards of recycling, utilization, rational management. To this target, all parties need to act accordingly. In order to reach european levels, our behavior and actions should be characterized by professionalism, seriousness, compliance with technological and legislative data, utilization of science and human potential, that is the elements that characterize the advanced european countries.


Eco Four, in this spirit, and based on experience and training of our people, international partnerships and extensive network of Greek partners, can offer complete solutions for solid waste management.

Our staff have participated -in specific Greek conditions and under difficulties that pioneers always face in every field-  in design, construction, licensing and operation of  Sorting Units (household packages and commercial-industrial waste), C&D treatment plants ( Construction and Demolition waste),  in implemention of sludge composting industrial projects,in  household waste landfills manufacture and other environmental  projects.

We do not just design or study. We are not manufacturers. We dont undertake just the licencing, 'washing our hands' for the completion of construction or the functionality of the project; We can provide design, study, manufacture, licensing, operation, with the responsibility of the entire project implementation 'from beginning to the end.'

And we keep going further. We can handle operation of the plant and/or project after its termination, for a short or longer, while educating personnel who is going to work permanently. Moreover, we can undertake the organization of the firm: to analyze, modify, costing, continually improve operation and performance of business after the first start-up.

Normally, Eco Four provides services and support to the extent that our cooperator-employer considers. Our overall view on waste management is essential and crucial even if we just undertake, for instance, planning or organizing an environmental company. We are always ready to work in team and professional spirit, with colleagues who will undertake specific projects and services. However, our big difference and strength is the complete solutions to the final detail.

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