Designed Cooling Systems



Sopura has designed different programs to control and reduce the effects of scale and corrosion in your cooling systems:

  • Langelier indice
  • pH control
  • Solubility products
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Scaling inhibitors

These tools allow us to monitor and adapt the nature of the water used in the cooling process and help maintain your equipment at the best efficiency level.

Purification techniques, side stream filtration, pumps and fans operation as well as blow down control optimization are used to reduce water consumption and save energy.

Sopura has also developed its expertise in the treatment of slime and legionella. When slime can cause enormous damages to your equipment, legionella endangers greatly your employees. We help reducing these risks by different methods while maintaining the best working state of your equipment:

  • Legionella risk assessment
  • Fouling control
  • Heat exchangers efficiency maintenance
  • Tower packing cleaning
  • Biocides and biodispersants application

Automated dosage equipment ensures safe handling and accuracy in the dosage of chemicals for best efficiency.

Sopura delivers comprehensive solutions with ready-to-use products (no need to mix or dilute) that reduce contact hazards and guarantees well balanced composition.

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