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Development Impact Assessment (DIA) Services



Scottish Water may decide to take a closer look at your development plan.

What is a DIA?
Scottish Water will need to measure the impact of your development on the existing water  infrastructure. If so, we can help you apply for a development impact assessment (DIA).

A DIA looks at the capacity of the local public water network to cope with your development. So seeking a DIA will support your application for a water supply or sewerage connection.

Do I need to apply for a DIA?
If you know that the annual water consumption of your development will be more than 1500m3, this is the equivalent usage of 10 average domestic houses, then we recommend you get a DIA.

However, if you believe there may be water network capacity issues for your development, it can be worthwhile applying for a DIA before you do anything else. It can confirm there is capacity to support your plans. Or it could alert you to any problems early on.

If you’re not sure whether to apply, speak to us. We’ll check everything and liaise with Scottish Water to get the best solution.

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