Hirsch Gibney, Inc.

Hirsch Gibney, Inc.

Development of Conceptual Site Models


A useful Conceptual Site Model (CSM) sheds light on the subsurface to promote a dynamic understanding of contaminant release and potential remedial options. The basic tools used to develop a useful CSM are (a) an understanding of the relationship between the physical processes present in the subsurface, the nature of the constituents of concern, and the appropriate methods to assess both in situ, and (b) knowledge of the methods and technologies applied to properly remediate a release. Over time, we have acquired the experience to begin conceptualizing the model using data gathered during an ESA.

We then apply our experience and the results of targeted soil and groundwater sampling to build a CSM that demonstrates how contaminants released to the environment move and spread.

On the basis of the CSM, we can work with the property owner or responsible party to craft a remedial strategy that saves time, money, and the environment, and supports long-term site usage goals.

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